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Pierre Deville, 30, is the Head of Data Science and Analytics at the Bisnode Group Analytics. He is the co-Founder and former Chief Science Officer of Swan, a big data analytics company acquired by the Bisnode Group in 2017. He is also an Associate Professor at the Solvay Business School where he teaches Data Management and Analytics. He also acts as a big data expert for large companies through executive programs in Business Analytics. Pierre Deville holds a MSc in Computer Science Engineer in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Louvain and performed most of his research at the Center for Complex Network Research in Boston, USA. His research aims at understanding, modelling and predicting social interactions, human mobility but also performance through the lens of Big Data. His research projects have been published in Science, Nature Physics, PNAS and covered in the New York Times, the Washington post, BBC, the Economist, Forbes, the Guardian and more. He is a member of the Belgian American Educational Foundation as well as a recipient of a FNRS Research fellowship.